Meet MAR





Quick History about MAR quality protection:

MAR quality protection was founded in 2013 by Michael and Raj. Mainly catering to dealerships in the Bay Area, they found the need to help consumers protect their New/Used vehicles without the dealership price tags. Indeed in 2015, MAR quality protection finally became public to serve retail customers in the Bay Area for Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film(PPF) needs. In 2016, MAR opened their first shop in Fremont, CA. Quickly outgrowing the newly opened shop, by 2017 they expanded to a larger facility and moved to Newark, CA that could hold twice the amount of vehicles. Then by 2019, they moved yet again to an even larger facility with the building facing the main street (Cedar Blvd) and next door to NAPA Auto Parts to make it easy for clients to see and get to. Toward the end of 2021, they took occupancy of the Suite next door to make the current location even bigger for both garage space and a new comfortable customer waiting area. Even for the need of multiple expansions, 2022 has been the businest MAR has even been and will continue to help customers in the Bay Area for Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and PPF needs. We're excited to see what MAR's future will be!

What does MAR stand for?

MAR stands for two things. One is for marred paint or marring of paint. Which means light surface imperfections. Commonly known as swirls, light scratches, holograms, spider webbing, etc. MAR quality protection means to help prevent any marring. Second is for Michael & Raj! The second one is probably the more important one. We started as MAR quality protection or MAR QP, but as time went on, our customers simply refer to us as MAR. We've just adapted to it and it's just easier to remember.