Maintenance & Products

Our goal is to have your vehicle looking better before you dropped it off with us. After pick up, we want to ensure you maintain your Clear Bra / Ceramic coated vehicle correctly to obtain a full life of the coatings, if not longer. As new products are released, these products may change. So please check back once in a while to find out the latest materials & products we suggest to use. Wash instructions located at the bottom of this page.

Shown in the links below are a few items we suggest to use that would help in maintaining your Ceramic coated vehicle. Not all products are created equal and may counter act with the Ceramic coatings or may even degrade the lifespan of the coatings. If you are unsure on other products that you may have already purchased, please feel free to contact us with any questions. MAR quality protection will hold no responsibility if items or instructions listed below damages the vehicle when used incorrectly or if item/product is defective.


Note: MAR quality protection holds no responsibility if items used listed below damages the vehicle . These are Products & Tools used and only suggested by MAR quality protection so please purchase and use at own risk.

Use the paid links below to make your purchase on Amazon

OPTIMUM NO RINSE (ONR) - is a great product to use if your vehicle is lightly dusty, have light water spots on certain panels, or even bird droppings. No washing needed. Just spray and wipe off lightly. Key word lightly. DO NOT SCRUB. Perfect if you don't have the time to take out all the wash tools.

Directions: Use a Mix 1/2 - 1 Capful of ONR in a sprayer bottle and fill the rest with water. If vehicle is lightly dusty, use lambswool duster listed below prior to spraying with ONR.

Simply mist a clean microfiber towel and spray on the contaminated area (NEVER WIPE ANYTHING DRY). Wipe the area lightly (no need to scrub or wipe hard if your vehicle is coated already) with the microfiber towel. Repeat on other panels if needed.

This product also works and safe for windows, interior, and trims.

CHEMICAL GUYS HONEYDEW SOAP - A great shampoo product we use with Ceramic Coated vehicles. pH Neutral with no added conditioners or waxes that will counteract with Ceramic Coated vehicles.


CARPRO RELOAD - is a product we suggest to use about every 6 washes. It will help assist prolong the life of a Ceramic coated vehicle. It's a great added topper on Ceramic Coated cars that will not counteract with our Ceramic Coating.

Directions: After washing vehicle, shake the spray bottle. Spray Carpro reload when the vehicle is cool to the touch. Never wash your vehicle out in direct sunlight or when the panels are extremely hot.

Spray each panel generously and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel using light pressure.

STONERS INVISIBLE GLASS CLEANER - We like using this glass cleaner in the aerosol can version since it leaves a fine mist evenly and had better results from it. Worth the extra few dollars for the aerosol can compared to the spray type. Comes in a pack of 3 for under $20. We have tried multiple glass cleaners from commercial grade to over the counter. Does not contain ammonia and it is safe for tint.

Directions: Spray on each window and wipe off with a microfiber towel.

THE RAG COMPANY DRYING TOWELS - Our go-to drying towels. They are great drying towels after washing your vehicle. Not all towels are the same so please do not use towels that you think may be sufficient enough to use. Using random towels that are not safe for paint may cause marring and scratches. If you are unsure, please contact us.

Directions: After completely washing vehicle, use the drying towel to completely dry the vehicle. No need to scrub or press hard while drying as these towels absorb water quickly.

THE RAG COMPANY - Commercial grade - All purpose edgeless towels - If you concerned with edged towels when wiping your vehicle, then these are great to purchase and comes in three different colors to help distinguish which towels to use for what. (eg. red: glass, grey: body, and black:

KIRKLAND MICROFIBER TOWELS - Our suggested all-purpose towels. Great soft, plush, and inexpensive all-purpose microfiber towels. Great to use on paint, glass, interior, door jams, engine bay, and anywhere you would like to wipe on your vehicle.

Even though there are so many microfiber towels on the market, we wanted to provide our clients with a safe and inexpensive alternative that comes in a 36 pack. Most packs will only have 15 or less at this price point with this quality.

Directions: Rip off the tag off on every towel. If wiping on paint, fold the microfiber towel to the point where all edges of the towel are not shown, creating a edgeless working area on the towel.

THE RAG COMPANY WASH MITT - Excellent soft and scratch free wash mitt to use while washing your vehicle. Comes in a 2-pack. Reusable and machine wash safe.

Directions: Pre-wash and soak the mitt in your wash bucket. Simply glide the mitt (Never scrub or dig into dirty areas) across the panels you would like to clean. The mitt is a little heavier then most since it absorbs water, so gliding the mitt will be easier and less need of applying more pressure.

ADAMS WASH BUCKET WITH GRIT GUARD - Perfect wash bucket that separates the dirt when putting your wash mitt in the bucket. We suggest buying two if possible. One for the paint & glass and Another one for wheels & brake area.

Comes with a lid to seal the bucket when not in use so you can leave your wash tools and use it as storage as well.

TRINOVA FOAM CANNON - TO USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH A PRESSURE WASHER - Great quality foam cannon that we have been using a while. Comes with a wide neck so it does not crack as easy as many others. Very easy to use!

SUNJOE ELECTRIC PRESSURE WASHER - We suggest using a pressure washer with less then 2,100 PSI (ideal) when washing your car. We find this SunJoe electric pressure washer is a great bang for the buck for anyone that washes their vehicle every two weeks.

When using a high pressure washer with more then 1500 PSI, stand about 2 feet away from the vehicle. Never go closer then two feet and try to use the pressure washer to remove hard contaminants that is on your paint.

WORX LEAF BLOWER - (*Note - will need an extension cord) It may sound funny to some people but yes, we do use a leaf blower. This is ideal for when a vehicle is already ceramic coated as the water beads on your paint from the car wash will just fly right off. The reason we do this to to create less agitation as possible to the paint. The less touching you do on the paint, lowers the chances of marring or scratching your paint.

After wash stand about 2 to 3 feet away and start blowing all the water from the crevices and panels starting at the top and work your way down. Also great for drying wheels so no water spotting occurs in case your wheels are not protected with coatings. Wipe down gently with a new/clean dry microfiber any water left behind from the hard to reach areas.


Congratulations on getting your vehicle IGL ceramic coated with MAR quality protection. It is important that you follow correct procedures to ensure longevity of ceramic. Vehicle must be washed at least twice a month, investing 1-2 hours a wash will insure your investment will see full length of warranty.

The benefits of ceramic coatings: the list is endless but we will highlight the most important. Eliminates the need for wax, creates deep glossy crystal like finish, offers up to 10H hardness, ease of cleaning, super hydrophobic, improves resale, higher resistance to environmental damage and repels water, oil and dirt, resistance against micro-marring , UV rays, tree gum, salt and traffic film.

*Always try and wash your car in the shade! This will keep your car wash shampoo solution from drying on the car before it is rinsed off. It is best to wash your car on a relatively calm day as even a slight breeze can put particles of dirt into the air. These dust particles are attracted to the wash/rinse water on your vehicle and act like sandpaper when rubbed between the drying towel and vehicle surface. The breeze can also cause some spots to dryer before soap has been rinsed off - leading to streaks and water spots.

*Use two buckets with a Grit Guard Insert in each bucket. One is for your shampoo solution and the other is clean rinse water for your wash mitt.

Only use high quality car shampoos and wash mitts.


  1. Fill a 5-gallon bucket 2/3 full with cool water. Add the proper amount of shampoo to the water as recommended on the label instructions. Using a strong jet of water, fill the bucket to fully activate suds. Fill the second bucket with clean, water for rinsing your wash mitt.

  2. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle’s surface to remove the loose dirt and grime before you begin the car wash procedure. If the paint is excessively dirty or you wish to use more caution, use a foam cannon to pre-soak the vehicle prior to rinsing.

  3. When washing your vehicle remember to always go from top to bottom, never the opposite. Generally the dirtiest parts of your vehicle are those parts closest to the ground. Wheel wells, rocker panels and bumpers tend to have the largest accumulation of grime and you don’t want to bring that junk back onto the paint surface and risk scratching it.

  4. Load up your wash mitt with your car wash solution and wring it out over the wash surface. This acts like a pre-soak and helps loosen surface gunk. It also adds more sudsy water to the surface and more lubricity helps safely wash the grime away without scratching.

  5. Keep your wash areas small and rinse your wash mitt frequently in the second bucket.

  6. Wipe in straight(left to right), overlapping lines as opposed to circles and remember to be gentle with the wash mitt on the first pass. This first pass will pick up the majority of the dirt, and loosens the remaining dirt for pick up on the second pass.

  7. Rinse your vehicle by opening up your Nozzle to the open flow setting or, if you don’t have an open flow option on your nozzle, remove your nozzle completely and let the water run or sheet over the surface. This helps in two ways. First, generally when water has “sheeted” off of a surface it tends to leave fewer residual droplets behind. This means less drying time. Second, since there is less water to pick up, there is less chance of your leaving water behind to spot the vehicle.

  8. When you dry your car, use only high quality microfiber waffle weave drying towels and wring out often. Gently dry the surface without asserting much pressure onto the paint. You don’t need to rub the surface – you’re just picking up the bulk of the water! Once you have picked up the bulk of the water, and the first towel is saturated, use the second towel to lightly pick up any remaining streaks or droplets.


  • For best results, use IGL EcoClean Wash or similar pH-neutral shampoo a minimum of bi-weekly - Use the suggested soap listed above

  • Avoid washing or air drying in direct sunlight to avoid water spots or streaking

  • Wash from the top down, leaving the dirtiest sections for last to avoid cross contamination

  • Preferred wash methods: foam cannon, two-bucket, soft wash mitt, or touchless wash


  • Always completely dry your coated surface to prevent water spots or mineral deposits

  • Use a clean, quality, soft drying towel on coated surfaces to reduce the risk of marring - Use the suggested drying towels listed above

  • Do not allow coated surface to “air dry” – forced air/dryers/blowers are helpful


  • Do not polish/scrub/aggressively agitate your coated surfaces

  • Do not use unapproved/aggressive products/chemicals to attempt to remove contamination

  • Bird droppings, tar, sap, bugs, etc should be removed from the coated surface as soon as possible -Use the ONR product listed above to help remove

  • Temporary staining may occur from failure to remove contamination; it will wash away over time

  • Contact the installer for assistance or guidance with removal of contamination or spots


  • Subject to the terms and conditions of your installer, and of IGL Coatings, this warranty shall be void if proper care and maintenance has been neglected – improper wash methods, air drying causing spots or streaks,physical damage, activities such as off-roading or similar that may see rough debris contact the surface.

  • Notification of failure or issues with your coated surface must be reported to your installer as soon as possible in order to salvage the coating. Re-application may be necessary in some extreme cases

  • Any physical repairs or adjustments to the surface by a third party such as repaint, buffing/polishing, sanding, wrapping, and so on, shall void the ceramic coatings and paint protection film warranty as per terms and conditions