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Watch our video about MAR's shop car! The "MAR CAR" is wrapped and protected with STEK DYNOGreen (British Racing Green) Paint Protection Film. Where you get both color change and the protection of clear bra with 8mil thick film to protect against scratches, scuffs, road debris damage, and help prevent rock chips.

Why choose colored PPF over vinyl? 

You get the protection aspect like all clear bra protection but you also get a film that is self healing with sunlight, hydrophoic, stain resistant, comes with a 10 year warranty, and has a glass smooth finish so it looks like paint!

We are insured, trained, and certified to cut and install Suntek Paint Protection Film / Clear Bra,  Ceramic coatings, Fine Paint Correction, and Paint Restoration for all makes, models of cars, trucks, SUV's,  and RV's. We are also trusted by many local Dealerships, Body shops, and insurance companies to help restore and protect New and Used vehicles. We cater to all vehicles. We don't just focus on "high end" cars. If it's a car you want to protect or restore, we are here to help you!