What is RestorFX?

While paint protection products can be useful, they often cannot address the damage that may occur six months or six years down the road. With RestorFX, this is no longer an issue. Once RestorFX is applied using an exclusive application method, a chemically-adhering restoration process takes place that self-levels and cures evenly and consistently. RestorFX completely changes the exterior appearance of a paint finish in just a few hours. Unlike the traditional cut-and-polish methods, RestorFX treats underlying clear coat issues by fully repairing and restoring damage—not just minimizing or covering it up.

The final result has a deep luster that is incomparable to traditional detailing methods and often out-shines the beauty and depth of brand new paint finish. By adding more microns of protection and depth than a factory finish, RestorFX Renew is able to deliver results that are vibrant and astounding.

Professionals around the world are experiencing how the RestorFX System is the most cost-effective, permanent solution to restore automotive paint finishes. RestorFX simply outperforms all paint restoration and paint correction methods.

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A system that makes used cars look new again, permanently

Our RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System™ consists of our clear coat restoration process – RestorFX Renew™, our specially tailored paint chip restoration process – RestorFX Refinish™, and our finish protectant – RestorFX Retain™. This System is a permanent, professionally applied, refinishing process which ensures that a vehicle has a deep, resonant luster without paint chips and blemishes and a quality protective finish. Thus, in three simple steps a cars blemishes are filled, its old shine restored, and its new look protected. The RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System effectively renovates the entire body of a given vehicle.

With RestorFX Renew™, 99% of clear coat scratches, paint deterioration and imperfections are brilliantly repaired, redone, and restored. The dull, faded look of a car that spent many hours on the open road under the sun is reunited with its old full luster and a profoundly deep gloss. In addition to this beautiful appearance, RestorFX protects a vehicle against further fading, road salt, oxidation, scratches, and much more. Furthermore, RestorFX is environmentally friendly. RestorFX is an efficient, professionally-applied process and its VOC levels are EPA compliant and it does not wash off into local water-tables or get sprayed into the air. RestorFX does not need a paint booth environment to be applied.